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5 Great Facts About Orang utan

orang utan indonesia

Orang utan is a kind of big  apes with long arms, his body is full of reddish or brown fur. As an endangered species in Indonesia, Orang utan spreads very limited, only around Sumatra and Borneo. Orangutan behavior does almost likely with human behavior.If you have not heard or know deeper about Orang utan, you might be surprised about these 5 amazing facts about Oran Utan.

  • They have various ways of communication. Orangutan babies usually cry like real humans, the young screams often and they usually like to do body language. Adult orangutans can make a long sound, the sounds is like “grumph”. This sound is amazing because it can be heard up to 300 meters radius. The adult Orang utan is more amazing, because they can make a great sound and can be heard up to 1 km radius! Great isn’t it?
  • Orangutans also communicate through body language, British researchers come to a conclusion in 9 months observation in three zoos (Europa). They found approximately 40 body language or signals that are often used by Orangutans in their daily communication. The words that often spoken through body language by Orang utan is such “I want to play”, “Give it to me”, “Go away”, “Follow me”, and “stop doing it”.
  • Orang utan males physically larger than the females.The face of the male Oran utan changes significantly as the time goes. This change including the grows of the beard and mustache.
  • Orangutans usually give birth to one baby, multiple births considered as very rare events. Their pregnancy period same as humans, which is 9 months pregnancy.
  • Orang utan can swing their hand moving very quickly from one tree to another tree. This is very awesome considering they can move very fast like a Tarzan. Orang utan also can walk in two feet, but this event is completely a rare event, jsut hope that you are luck finding and Orang utan walk in two feet.

Yap! Those are the 5 great facts about Orang utan, Hope those will be a useful information for you someday and thanks for reading.