Kobe Bryant Impossible Three Pointer Compilation-HD

Here is the video of Kobe Bryant impossible three-point shot compilation. Great performance. Great player. Great game.


5 Best Basketball Shoes of 2015 – My Own Version

Currently, there are many types and brands of basketball shoes in the world. There are Nike, Reebok, AND1 and many others. Of course, we have our own favorite basketball shoes. Here are the 5 best basketball shoes my own version. From Michael Jordan shoes to Allen Iverson Shoes.

Air Jordan 1 / Nike

Air Jordan 1

Air Jordan 1

This shoe is very simple, but Nike’s patented the form of this basketball shoes forever. The legendary of Air Jordan is probably will never be passed by other players. The phenomenon that Michael Jordan has been made also make the shoe legendary. Michael Jordan can not be separated from Nike.For create an icon in this shoe, it requires proper footwear to bring it to the next level.

Chuck Taylor All Stars | Converse

Converse Chuck All Stars

Converse Chuck All Stars

Also known as the “Chucks”. The material basically just insoles and rubber.The “Chucks” has a patch of Star with Chucks Taylor’s signature on each shoe which is located at the ankle. Initially, this shoe designed specifically for basketball but rarely used for the actual purpose.

Air Force 1 | Nike

Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1

It is one of the most popular shoes in the world. Air Force 1 comes in three versions.Of of the breakthrough in these shoes is using Nike air technology.This technology causes these shoes have ventilation holes in the heels and soles of the feet.

Air Jordan XIII | Jordan

Air Jordan XIII

Air Jordan XIII

This is a shoe that is worn in the movie He Got Game and Jordan played a role in the film. Good design with also has good traction and very comfortable.

The Question | Reebok

Reebok Question

Reebok Question

This is one of the best Allen Iverson shoes. He has two brand shoes, the QUESTION and the ANSWER brand. This shoe has accompanied him during the play on the field. Make him one of the best basketball players in that time.

That are the 5 best basketball shoes of 2015 in my own opinion. You can check mybasketballshoes.com to find the best basketball shoe and review.

5 Great Facts About Orang utan

orang utan indonesia

Orang utan is a kind of big  apes with long arms, his body is full of reddish or brown fur. As an endangered species in Indonesia, Orang utan spreads very limited, only around Sumatra and Borneo. Orangutan behavior does almost likely with human behavior.If you have not heard or know deeper about Orang utan, you might be surprised about these 5 amazing facts about Oran Utan.

  • They have various ways of communication. Orangutan babies usually cry like real humans, the young screams often and they usually like to do body language. Adult orangutans can make a long sound, the sounds is like “grumph”. This sound is amazing because it can be heard up to 300 meters radius. The adult Orang utan is more amazing, because they can make a great sound and can be heard up to 1 km radius! Great isn’t it?
  • Orangutans also communicate through body language, British researchers come to a conclusion in 9 months observation in three zoos (Europa). They found approximately 40 body language or signals that are often used by Orangutans in their daily communication. The words that often spoken through body language by Orang utan is such “I want to play”, “Give it to me”, “Go away”, “Follow me”, and “stop doing it”.
  • Orang utan males physically larger than the females.The face of the male Oran utan changes significantly as the time goes. This change including the grows of the beard and mustache.
  • Orangutans usually give birth to one baby, multiple births considered as very rare events. Their pregnancy period same as humans, which is 9 months pregnancy.
  • Orang utan can swing their hand moving very quickly from one tree to another tree. This is very awesome considering they can move very fast like a Tarzan. Orang utan also can walk in two feet, but this event is completely a rare event, jsut hope that you are luck finding and Orang utan walk in two feet.

Yap! Those are the 5 great facts about Orang utan, Hope those will be a useful information for you someday and thanks for reading.

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – TMII

If you want to see the entire Indonesian archipelago, tradition, culture, historical places and also get have fun, you can find it all in just one place. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) will bring it all to you. TMII is an enormous garden, culture-based, and displays miniatures of various regions in Indonesia, an island, a place or a building. It is showing the diversity of Indonesia in one place. The location is quite close in Jakarta. Precisely is in East Jakarta.

Taman mini indonesia indah-TMII

TMII also known as Taman Mini or Little Garden, has a replica collection of 26 custom traditionally homes found from the Indonesian archipelago from Aceh, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java to Papua. There is also a history, handy crafts, arts and traditions of each region of the Indonesian archipelago.

Taman Mini is built with the idea of Ibu Tien Soeharto, the wife of the former president of Indonesia, Mr. Suharto. The Park started the construction in 1971 and was inaugurated by Mrs. Tien on April 20, 1975. Taman Mini was built with the purpose as a place to introduce Indonesian culture more easily, as a family recreation and education opportunities. There are also a variety of rides that can be played together with family or friends. Also there are Flora and Fauna Park, museums, IMAX Theater, theater performances and places of worship.


Inside TMII you will also see a lake with islands that resemble islands in the Indonesian archipelago. You can see the miniature island is more clearly from the air using a cable car. You can also surround the island or with a small boat or step on it.

Taman Mini is very broad so as to roam the whole place will take time. If you want to take the place quickly, you can use a special train that would pass through all the places in Taman Mini. This place is very good for those of you who want to know more about Indonesia. You do not need to get around to all regions of Indonesia to learn the culture and the history, you can just come here and enjoy traveling around Indonesia.

How to Get There:

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is very close to the Central Jakarta. It is located just 25 miles from there and only 5 km from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. You can get there by car, motorcycle, taxi or public transports are widely available there. For a more comfortable journey we suggest to use a taxi or car in the dry season due to the weather in Jakarta is quite hot.

Taman Mini is located in East Jakarta, when using the car takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour from the city center.

To Do:

You can spend your time with your family or with friends, studying the culture and history of Indonesia. Here are some of the attractions in the mini park recommended for your visit.

Science and Technology Center: Here you can see and learn a variety of works in the field of science and technology. This building was inaugurated on 10 November 1995.

Museum of Indonesia: The place where you will see the Indonesian culture, indigenous, history of Indonesia as well as the transportation of his work. The museum is Consists of 3 floors with carved reliefs of the Ramayana story.

Stamp Museum Indonesia: In this place there are various types of stamps available in Indonesia. There are development and collections of stamp from antiquity to the present, and the technology of making stamps. This is an interesting place for those who have an interest in stamps or stamp collectors.

Museum of Transports: Progress and history of transportation in Indonesia from old to new one at transport museum.

Museum of Insects: Exhibiting a variety of insect species from Indonesia, more than 250 thousand kinds of insects that are owned. You can see a variety of beautiful insects or creepy insects.

Komodo Museum: The building of the museum resembles a giant Komodo. There are various collections of animals and of course Komodo as the original animal from Indonesian archipelago.

Orchid Garden and Bird Park: The garden contains various types of orchids which are very beautiful to see, and also there are different types of birds that origin from Indonesia. Orchid Garden and Bird Park is a suitable place to relaxing or take a photograph.

There are other interesting places in Little Garden such as the Museum of Telecommunication, Museum of Information, Asmat Museum, and many other interesting places that unfortunately if you miss.


• Taman Mini is very extensive, if you do not have much time you can follow the tour provided. By following the tour, you can save even more time and money. Also there is a discount if you go with a group.

• If you want to see all the rides here, you can stay at the complex are provided in this area.

• You can visit the Information Center for Information in TMII to know more about Indonesian culture. There is equipped with a library, mini theater, and a reading room. You can get information from books or audio-visual, more than 7 hundred provided.


See griyatravel.com for more information about Indonesia destinations.